The goal of our estate planning, trust and probate practice is to provide a comprehensive and precise estate plan tailored to each client's individual needs and desires. Quality estate planning dictates that we arrange the client's assets, both before and after death, in a way that maximizes specific family objectives by considering various contingencies and minimizing taxes. The range of options and the variety of possible assets, combined with different personal objectives and the intricacies of fiduciary and tax laws, require careful planning to maximize the benefit from this complex and highly individualized process.

Our estate planning process will involve careful review and analysis of existing documents; preparation, review and revision of different proposals for consideration; and summaries outlining the distribution patterns and tax consequences of each proposal. This process, of course, will include meetings with the client and possibly the client's other advisors to ascertain specific objectives and may involve specialized research on relevant issues affecting the client's particular circumstances.

Estate Planning

You worked hard to accumulate wealth and protecting that wealth is your right and our mission. Your wealth gives rise to planning issues. Specific personal circumstances such as family members with special needs, second marriages, non-citizen spouses, highly appreciated assets, illiquid business interests, and charitable intentions require careful analysis.

Proactive strategies that address your concerns require knowledge, insight, creativity and understanding. We possess the skills to develop and implement a personalized plan that meets your specific requirements.

Wartime Veterans Aid & Attendance Benefits

     Most VA pensions are only for veterans who were actually wounded or disabled while they were serving in the armed forces. But...

Millions of wartime veterans and their spouses may be eligible for special monthly pension benefits solely because they are over 65 years of age and are homebound, in assisted/supportive living, or in a nursing home. Those veterans and/or their survivors only need to prove that their medical expenses exceed certain income and asset limitations. The maximum benefit available can provide significant assistance in paying for long term care costs.

Our team can assist you and your family by explaining many difficult-to-understand things about long-term care. Qualification for a veteran benefit is only one of several concerns that must be considered. As you struggle to provide dignified long-term care for a wartime veteran and/or their spouse, we can help you understand the options. We are your advocates and we want to help you stretch your hard earned money further. VA benefits are only one part of the puzzle. We will hold your hand and guide you every step of the way as we consider all of you and your family's resources.

Advanced Long Term Care and Medicaid Planning

You planned your wedding, buying a home, having children, funding their education, retirement, and any unexpected events through insurance. You have utilized the expertise of Tax Accountants, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Financial Planners, and Insurance Agents to help you maximize your benefit, assets, and minimize risk. You have planned ahead all your life with the help of the appropriate experts. As a result, you are now enjoying the fruits of your labor. Today, you are healthy but you are aware that in a few years, this may no longer be the case. You may know someone whose assets had to be depleted in order to qualify for Medicaid; it doesn't have to happen to you. Let our team help you plan for your future.

Most individuals begin planning once admitted into a skilled nursing facility. This delayed planning is a huge mistake which greatly limits your asset preservation options. While we can help in a crisis when a family member requires care, we will in all likelihood be able to preserve less. All of your assets can be preserved and shielded from ever being considered for Medicaid eligibility, if you make the appropriate plans and arrangements within the appropriate timeframes. So many clients are unable to take full advantage of our expertise, simply because they called us too late.

Learn from our clients' mistakes and our wealth of knowledge. One meeting with us can preserve your life's work, savings, and planning. You do not have to be in poverty to qualify for Medicaid; you just have to plan ahead.

Charitable Giving

Americans are among the most generous givers. The availability of tax breaks is a significant motivator. There are many estate planning techniques to carry out your philanthropic goals and provide significant tax savings.

Retirement Planning

The value of a retirement plan has greatly increased during the last two decades. The tax deferred growth available with retirement assets offers a tremendous financial benefit. However, these assets must be carefully coordinated with your overall estate plan; otherwise, there can be devastating tax results. Proper planning enables retirement account owners to maximize benefits to heirs and maintain control of future distributions using a "qualified" trust. However, this is a highly technical area of tax law requiring specialized knowledge. Our team can assist you to ensure that your retirement passes to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.